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I’ve been sick this week.  Some weird stomach virus, but it needs to vacate because I have deadlines to maintain.  I think the worst part of being sick is how you sleep and sleep and sleep and then when it’s time to go to bed you can’t sleep!  It drives me nuts-o.  So I sleep with my sketch book next to my bed if inspiration pops in there while I toss-and-turn.

I have to crazy reoccurring dream that I’ve had since I was kid and I only have it when I’m sick.  There’s this large steel industrial city with enormous skyscrapers.  It’s cold, hard, and all gray.  Then right in the middle is this tiny cottage that is warm and organic in form.  It’s weird because all I can remember is that the roof is white with red spots, like a mushroom from Mario Bros.

I found these great wall boxes today from ginpins on Etsy.

I love these!  The patterns are so graceful and the color choices are prefect!  These sure made me forget about my stomach. 

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