well I’m back

Heidi and I cleared up are differences and I decided to give it another shot.

I am going to talk about spraying underglaze onto a bone dry piece of greenware. The first step you need to do is pick a piece that you can practice on. The next step is to make sure you get all the dust off of the piece so that the underglaze will adhere properly. You can do this by wiping the piece off with a damp sponge or blowing it off with your spray gun. In my opinion the prep work is the key step in all of this since any little flaw can show up on the finished product.

Now when you begin to spray your first coat of underglaze on you want to spray in little circles with each circle overlapping each other. It is ok if the underglaze is transparent at this stage. For the second coat you want to spray in straight lines back and forth. What this does is it gets rid of the circle marks and fills in light spots of the underglaze. For the last step, this is very important, you want to spray in big circles and you want to dust the underglaze on with maybe two very light coats. You want to make sure that you cover up the line marks from the second coat so that when you get the piece glazed you can’t see the streaks from spraying. Don’t get discouraged if when the piece is done that the color is to thin you just have to get a feel for how much underglaze you need to put on each piece so that the color turns out the way you want it. Next week I will talk about the underglazes that I spray. Have a great week.

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