Well hello again, boy Wednesdays role around very fast. Anyway this week I am going to talk alittle about the brands of underglazes I use. I use three different companies underglazes and they are Mayco , Amaco , and Duncan. All three are good quality and have many colors to choose from.

I use all three because they may offer a color that I like but each has a different shade of that color. For example take a Turquoise color, one company may put more blue in their color mix, and another company may put more green in their color. They end up saying Turquoise, but I may like the one with more blue with the other colors I am using on a piece.

Each company has underglazes that cover well and some that don’t. I suggest using test tiles to see which ones cover and which ones need more coats to cover. Each Underglaze will cost different amounts, some a lot more expensive then others just because of the colors that are used to make it.

I will talk to everyone next week and remember have fun.

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