I often tell other potters and artists that I sell a lifestyle I can’t afford, but I can trade for it.

This past week I’ve been on a trading spree. Some people don’t understand trading because they think I could be selling my product instead.  Yes, I do understand that but I love art and especially ceramics. I think it’s a wonderful to collect treasures you love.

At Art Birmingham this past weekend I was next to Scott Hartley, a wonderful watercolor painter.  Scott is also a beekeeper and nice person.  I loved his originals, but am equally pleased with my new print. I love the contrast between the industrial steel and the swirls of the building’s architecture.

My friend, Janelle Songer, was also at the show.  If you live on the East side of Michigan you should really go see her at an art fair this summer.  Janelle’s work is amazing!  Now I’m the proud owner of this delicious plate. This piece is going on the wall!

I’ve also been doing some trading on Etsy! I posted Ginny’s work on the blog before and was so happy when Ginny said she would trade with me!  I selected my favorite wall box. This image doesn’t do the wonderful texture justice. 

 My final trade of the week comes from Linda of  L’esperance Tile Works. I have a weak spot for tiles and with tiles this rich in color it’s hard not to covet all of them.  Linda has been making tiles since 1979 and has a variety to choose from.  This is my latest addition!

 Can you tell I like teal/turquoise?

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