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Gift Wrapping

Two posts back I showed you some fun ideas for wedding gifts. Not only do I love giving gifts, but I love wrapping them! Today I’m going to show you a cute idea for wrapping wedding presents. First, you can do this with thing you have around the house! You will need a paper bag, a piece of white paper, twine (or string or yarn), a box, scissors, tape, and your gift of choice.

This gift wrapping technique is great because it’s simple, it’s inexpensive, you don’t have to worry about the lettering on the box showing through your white wrapping paper, and it looks so cute!

To start, find the seem on your paper bag. This is where you will open the bag. Opening the bag will be like opening an envelope and be gentle because this will be your wrapping paper.

Next, you will wrap your box with the paper bag as you would any gift wrap. If you have craft paper you can use that instead of using a paper bag.

Time for the flourishes! Take the white paper and cut 1″ by 1″ squares. Fold them in half and cut out half a heart. Cut a very small triangle on the seam of the heart, so that when you open the white heart there will be a tiny hole in the middle of the heart. See below.

Now take your twine and tie it around your package and complete it with a bow. That will give it a rustic simple look. Next, take the hearts and slide them up the tails of the bow. Since the twine grips your hearts, they will stay in place and you can vary the distance from the center of the bow.

Wall-la! You can also use colored raffia paper to match the wedding colors or change the color of the hearts.  This would also be a cute idea for Valentine’s Day if you switch the hearts to red! This takes about 5 minutes, but is a lot more fun and appealing to the eye than a gift bag.

Photo compliments of Amber Schiavone of Schiavone Photography. Thanks Amber!


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