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Gift Ideas

I stopped at my friend Tim’s last week to check out his photography studio. It’s gorgeous! It’s always fun to visit someone’s creative spot , it was so clean! We potters, even the most fastidious, are dirty. Tim was preparing for a wedding expo and brought up something that never crossed my mind: engagement season. It makes sense, a lot of people get engaged around the holidays and then get married (or have commitment ceremonies) in the summer.

Once someone you know gets engaged it’s game on! Engagement parties, showers, and then the big day. Noadays you can register for anything. I’ve seen everything from a dining room table to a kayak! That’s fine. I always dream of registering for matching towels, but what about something more?

I have friends that for every wedding they attend they give my chicken and rooster tumblers! What a thoughtful, cute gift! Something handmade, durable, and most likely to not be a repeat present.

This summer I had a customer buy a finger vase with a tandem bike on it; a bicycle built for two! The vase was then given to their friends for their wedding. This is great gift because the symbolism in this gesture is fantastic! Two people working together to reach a goal and if one person slips up the bike will still move but not as well.

But what if your friend’s big day came and went and you didn’t give them a gift? Do not fear! Some wedding etiquette gurus suggest you have one year to give a present others say 3 months. Let’s say the happy couple went bike riding on their honeymoon or are avid cyclists. You could pair two bicycle mugs with some of the couples favorite coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. These also make a great anniversary gift!

If you are stuck on giving a gift, let me know. I love picking out gifts for people! Remember, I can always add the gift recipient’s name to a piece. Let’s make gift giving fun again and make people smile.


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