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Cupcake Surprise

School started here a couple weeks ago. It’s a lot quieter now. I remember as a little girl my mom would pick me up from school and if I was good, we would go to the local bakery. I always got a sugar cookie with frosting and a little carton of white milk. Remember, that’s what you called it as a kid. It was always nice to have that time with my mom and talk about my day at school. I loved that time with my mom.

When I was in high school, my mom was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She had had the symptoms for some time, but it took awhile to nail it down. Nowadays she has the addition of awful trochanteric bursitis. I feel bad for her, it’s very difficult to be in pain all the time. Plus, the bursitis has her bedridden most the of day.

Since my mom can’t take a trip to the bakery, I decided to surprise my mom with a mid-afternoon sweet treat. I know cupcake stands are popular, but I prefer cupcake hiders: AKA geodesic domes. I LOVE cupcakes and geodesic domes, so it’s a perfect fit. I baked some yummy fun-fetti cupcakes with electric blue frosting and hid my “secret.”

I walked into my mom’s bedroom with the dome behind my back and showed her “the piece that just came out the kiln.” Needless to say the cupcake got tossed around a little, but when my mom opened the lid was she surprised! Then I recalled to her the story about stopping at the bakery after school. She said that was the best time and was so happy for her sweet treat, so excited in fact she ate her cupcake in bed! In her words, “I highly recommend the geodesic dome, but the cupcake is fantastic!”  I took a video of the whole thing, but my mom was less than thrilled with the idea of having it posted online. It’s too bad, it was silly.

Is there someone who needs a little cheering up in your life with a sweet treat or a geodesic dome?


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