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Memorial Day Weekend

Traditionally Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season.  The studio is located between two lakes, Lake Doster and Pine Lake.  I’m grateful because I get a lot of stop-ins during the summer months.

The above postcard is of Shelp’s Resort, on Pine Lake. I bought this postcard this past summer at an antique fair and was intrigued by the photo and the message on back.  Shelp’s Resort is about 1/2 a mile north from the studio and is still open. The post office in Doster closed in the 1960s and is now where pizza is made at the Doster Country Store.

The above postcard reads, “Dear Aunt Lucy, I am here with Beatrice. Hope you are well. With Love, Catherine.”  I love how the address is just Catherine’s aunt’s name and the city and state. The postmark is July 7, 1904, 7AM.

 Thanks to all our veterans for their service.  Have a happy and safe weekend!


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