Studio Cleaning

I cleaned the studio this week, I know you are thinking all week? It was bad. There was still a lot of building materials outside from the renovation. I also had a 20 gallon garbage bin that had reclaim in it and it had tipped over this winter.  Dear Lord.  I couldn’t move it so I had to shovel the reclaim out.  It was hilarious.

I put away some recent pieces that came out of the kiln.  Wee bowls.

 This platter I am actually keeping for myself.  I don’t usually do that, but I really love orange and red. I will be posting a similar piece to my Etsy store later this week.

 It was also time to hang up my star light that was a gift from a dear potter friend Michael Gunderson.

  Joe is at a fishing tournament this week, he told me to behave.  That means don’t bring home any more junk.  I love collecting “things.” That was part of the problem with the studio.  I have heard that artists have a better time creating work in a more disorganized studio, leading to my love of Chaos Theory.  I do know some artists whose studios are so tidy you could eat of the floor.  I can’t say the same about mine, but I could at least offer you a bowl to eat out of.

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