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I’ve been a good aunt and daughter these past three days.  Friday was Special Persons Day (aka Grandparents Day) at my niece’s school.  Alison is the youngest of five, so I’ve been going to these events for years. Ali was quite the popular girl.  She asked my parents, my brother, my sister, her dad, her two brothers, and me. That’s right, this little squirt asked 8 people.  The kicker is that she didn’t tell any of us she had invited the others. The stinker. Ali is the fourth girl in.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and my Dad’s 72 birthday! Here are my lovely parents.

To celebrate we went out to Su Casa. It was delicious I had sopes.  They are these corn tart shaped cups with meat, cheese, and veggies.  It was served with refried beans and rice.  My mouth is watering just describing it.

I love my parents.  They have always been extremely supportive and they are just really kind people. They are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year.  I was born on their 20th wedding anniversary, so it will be a dueling party.  We are going to have a dunk tank.  My dad said he’ll get it in, I don’t doubt it.

I know there are all these “Hallmark Days” to be tell people how much you care, but shouldn’t we do that more than once a year?

On our ride back from dinner I saw the COOLEST silos and want to share the image because it fits in with my new lidded vessels.

I LOVE the rich brown bricks, they must be salt fired.  They are lovely.

By the way I love you Mom and Dad, and Alison you too!

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