Shellac resist

My students and I finished our shellac resist pieces this week.  I had never experimented with shellac resist and contacted Jim Gottuso (aka sofiasdad) for some tips and tricks, which he gracefully obliged. Jim recommended proper ventilation or a respirator, waiting for 24 hours after the shellac application to sponge away the clay, and more.  Jim will have a detailed article in Pottery Making Illustrated coming out soon, so look for it! This is one of Jim’s pieces from his Etsy shop.

The low fire class that I’m teaching uses Amaco Velvet Underglazes on bone dry work, which is then bisqued and coated with a clear glaze.  I thought this would be a ideal way to incorporate shellac resist with our low fire technique.  I threw and assembled the following teapot, inlaid royal blue underglaze, and sprayed the piece with white, royal blue, baby blue, and chartreuse underglaze.
I painted shellac lines on the body of the teapot and the lid to compliment the mishima (inlaid) underglaze. I let the piece dry for a week (my class only meets once a week) and with a wet sponge I wiped away the clay.  You can see the deep ridges.

These are the ridges on the lid.
Looking at this last picture reminds me that the knob on the lid has sgraffito on it.  Now it’s off to be bisqued.

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