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I didn’t post last week, I guess I wasn’t feeling it.  The semester is winding down so I don’t have any new projects to share.  I’ve been listening to the radio a lot, which leads to this post.

My parents are pretty old fashioned and raised my big ol’ Catholic family that it wasn’t polite to discuss religion or politics.  You may or may not agree, but I like the philosophy. I like to keep things cordial.

This past week has been difficult practicing this philosophy with the health care bill and all the problems with the Catholic church. A majority of my schooling was at Catholic schools.  I disagree with a lot of the viewpoints that the Catholic church , but I’ve always believed that we need to help the poor and weak.

It breaks my heart to think of a priest molesting a child.  As a child, I thought priests were great and to think that one of them would touch me inappropriately is disgusting.  To trust someone so much and to have them use their power to overpower the weak just makes me want to cry.  I feel so bad for the victims, but I want to know why.  What led these priests to do what they did? 

This leads me to health care reform.  I am fortunate enough to be able to buy my own health insurance.  It’s not great, but it’s something.  What disturbs me about this whole situation is how some people treat the uninsured as lesser lazy human beings.  Three years ago a dear friend of mine, a fellow potter, developed a sore on the bottom of his foot.  He was uninsured and didn’t go to the doctor.  His sore festered and 8 weeks later was rushed to the hospital because his sore had contracted a flesh eating virus (same way Jim Henson died).  My friend was given a 3% chance of recovering.  Luckily he did, but in the process he lost both his legs. He wasn’t lazy, he was just poor.  And yes the hospital had to treat him, but the million dollar hospital bill was paid by the tax payer.

I also understand being passionate about something, but if it causes you to use racial and homophobic slurs and to spit at people it’s time to calm down.  I worry about our country and our civility towards those that are different than ourselves. It’s fine to have different viewpoints, but it’s not fine to insult people along the way.  We must fight fair.

In closing you may be happy with health care reform or not, but don’t forget we are all in this together. No man is an island.

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