Play Time

A common question that I get is, “Do you still love ceramics even though it’s your full-time job?” Well of course I do! Sometimes not as much, but I think that is pretty normal. I am always grateful when the Christmas season is over, because I allow myself some play time.

While renovating the studio this fall I found some cone 10 grolleg porcelain from Rovin Ceramics, that I ordered in 2005! Perfect for play. I picked up some chicken grit to wedge into my clay.If you think stoneware tears up your hands (I do!) wait until you throw with chicken grit! To save my hands I ended up throwing with two sponges.The process was easier than I anticipated. I thought the uneven surface was interesting so I cut up pieces of cardboard and wedged them into my porcelain. I went a little overboard. The porcelain with the cardboard was more difficult to throw, but eventually I got it.The first piece has holes in it, the second is with chicken grit and the third is with cardboard chunks. I hope to fire the pieces next week.

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