On a Lighter Note

I’ve been so out of it lately with our remodeling/expanding the studio. I really thought it would take a week and now we are at week 4! We’re still not at 100% but getting there. I’m so backed up on orders and getting ready for Christmas that I’m passed worrying. I don’t have time to worry, only time to produce.

I finally finished my clay rocking chair. It turned out better than I imaged, which is always good.
It actually rocks, now to see how much weight it can support!
These three cars are suppose to represent the “big three,” Chrysler, GM, and Ford.
The following images are things I’ve seen around the studio. First off is a GIANT praying mantis.
This is Buster the Bobcat, who is also GIANT!
While I was working at the studio I could hear distance accordion music being played that got louder and louder. It was this fellow, you can see the $1 I gave him for a photo!
This tall dude is my nephew Matt, he’s 16 and 6’7″. I can’t believe it; my mom standing next to him is 5’6″.

I know you all make little creatures out of your scrap clay too!

Here’s a pretty hefty salamander that has been out enjoying the rain.

This is just because I really enjoy sheep, especially white sheep with black faces and feet.

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