Oh trailers of slip

I’ve found an easy way to blog; blog about what I’ve been teaching in class.  Consider this an abridged version to what I teach. Last week we made our own slip trailing bottles. To create your own fine tipped slip trailing bottle you will need:
-a plastic bottle (like a hair color applicator bottle)
-hypodermic needle
-E 6000 (glue)
-shrink tubing (from an electrical store)
-thin gauge floral wire
-a grinder (or Dremel drill)
-safety glasses

Carefully remove your hypodermic needle from it’s casing.  Be careful not to poke yourself, because I did and it smarts. On the plastic end of the needle apply a dot of E 6000 and push the hypodermic needle through the plastic cap of your bottle.
Then put on your safety glasses and grind off the sharp tip of the needle.  Be careful not to grind the hole shut, if in doubt try to blow through the needle via the cap. When you have dulled the needle, slid the shrink tubing over the needle and heat the tubing with either a match or heat gun.  The tubing will shrink to adhere around the needle creating a flexible tip.  The final step is to take your wire and wrap it around a pencil to make a loop.  Cut the wire to about three inches long so that you can insert it into the shrink tubing to keep it slip free.

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