oh blog!

I’m trying to be a better blogger and I read an article that suggested posting three times a week to increase traffic! Three times a week! I’m lucky to post once a week!

I needed to get creative. I came up with an idea; I need help blogging! So there will be a new format to the blog. Mondays I will write about the week ahead, which will be good for me to lay-out a plan. Tuesday are with Mary Fahrenbacher (my mom). Mary will discuss decorating and how to think more about the function of your pottery. Mary has me helped in the studio and is an avid pottery lover. Wednesday are with Bob Fahrenbacher (one of my brothers). Bob works for another ceramic artist Micheal Kifer and works in my studio when I need help. Thursday are with Fritz Fahrenbacher (my father). Fritz has worked for non-profits, McDonald-Douglas (now Boeing), and even the good ol’ IRS . Fritz will discuss business issues and has also helped me in the studio. Friday will be artist interviews. I like talking to other artists about their strengths, weaknesses, what works, and what doesn’t.

So keep checking in and have a great weekend!

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