Not Just Another Manic Monday

Today was such a good day!  I unloaded the kiln and was happy to see that the reduction went well.  Saturday when I was firing a storm came in, which always makes me nervous.  Not because of thunder and lightning but because of the barometric pressure and the wind messing with my venturi burners!

Here is a fun stack of bowls, some of which will be sent to their new home in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I finished glazing another load today that will find its new home in East Lansing, Michigan. Before I fire the kiln again tomorrow, Buster wanted to make sure all the pots were out.

Buster jumped up there, I didn’t set him in there. He’s so funny. I’m off from teaching these next two weeks. It’s great not to have to plan Tuesday around teaching.  It’s going to be a productive week.  Ugh.  I found the first tick of the season on my arm today.  It hadn’t embedded, but I got rid of the little sucker before it had a feast on one of the pets.  Watch out.  Speaking of insects the sgraffito design on this plate was inspired by fly eyes.

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