New Studio

The new studio was completed the day before my open house on December 12, 2009. It is so nice. It’s roomy, clean, has electricity, and a heater. Good-bye old studio, hello new old studio! Note* In this first picture it’s lush and green, the second picture it’s cold and snowy. These french doors let in even more natural light.
As you walk in and turn to the right, you see my new display area! Underneath the curtains are my glaze chemicals.
This photo isn’t great, but on the left there is my shipping/casting bench.There is a partial wall on the left and right that breaks up the display area from my work area.My 99.9% efficient heater!The clay storage closet.My work bench.Corner with new shelves, where my wood stove used to be.Bats, wheels, wedging table, and NEW wainscoting!More shelving, where the old plywood shelving used to be.
It’s so lovely and am so glad it’s finished. Now it’s time to make the donuts.

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