Oh man was class better this afternoon than last Tuesday! When I walked into my classroom the whole room went quiet. I said, “I know you were talking about class last week and instead of jumping right into our tile project, I’m going to do a throwing demo first.” I planned this exercise to ease the tension and clear up some confusion. My students are accustomed to watching throwing demos, so I figured I would give them some of the old familiar and spice it up with mishima.

The first step is throwing your form (I’m making bottles). Then make incisions in the clay. Some folks wait until the clay is leather hard but I just went a head while the clay was still wet.Next, I “inlaid the slip” into the lines, by brushing slip over the lines. I tried to keep the slip as close to the lines as possible because there is no reason to waist slip. It also makes the scraping away of slip easier.If you applied the slip when the clay was leather hard, then you can scrape the slip away when it has dried (lost its sheen). Since my piece was wet, I waited until it was about the consistency of chocolate (about to melt). As I began scrapping, I made long scraping motions in the same direction as the line. I continued this process until I scraped away all the excess slip and had fine mishima lines.I could see the light bulbs going off all at once. Eureka! And they were off and scrapping!

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