Memorial Day Weekend

I have this weekend off and wonder how are you going to spend Memorial Day?  I thank all veterans for their service.

This weekend I hope to redo my booth. A close friend of mine Matt Addonizio of Oak and Alloy also works at Anthropologie.  I’m not sure of his exact title but Matt does the displays and has to travel to new stores before they open.  Basically Matt kicks ass and he came up with the idea for my new booth.  I’m very lucky.

Here is my current booth.

It’s ok, but it needs help. The new booth will be lighter in color, with multiple textures, and a simple/rustic design. I can’t wait!  I also hope to plant some perennials and will tend to the vegetable garden.

Also, cross your fingers for my close friend Susanne who recently applied for a residency at Terra Incognito in Oak Park, IL.  I really hope she gets it! Susanne is a very talented ceramicist and I hope she gets this opportunity to rekindle her love of ceramics.  It’s funny, but that’s how we became friends freshmen year of college.  I was in Susanne’s dorm room and spied a lovely teapot on her shelf and she made it!  We were peas and carrots after that.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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