Lace Work in Progress

I started knitting about 5 years ago. It’s fun, but I’m not a die-hard fan. I’m more of a yarn hoarder. I see yarn that is pretty, buy it, and then it just sits there. I also don’t really like lace. I’m not a frilly person, but for some reason I love make lacing to dip in porcelain. I started dipping lace when I made a lace scarf and it kept bunching up when I would wear it, so I said enough! This was my first lace project.

It’s interesting to see the finished piece first because they look pretty rough in progress. Here are some new forms I’m working on.

This is a cake plate that doubles as a cake stand.

Here is my teapot with a built-in tea cozy!

This final image is of my submarine vase. I think these pieces look so nautical right now, similar to fishing glass floats.

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