Kiln for Sale!

Here’s the story: Two years ago I bought a HUGE car kiln from a lovely couple in Cadillac, MI. They owned a ceramic business and he was ill, so they were selling everything. In a moment of weakness I bought my dream kiln. The only problem is my dream kiln has been in storage for two years and I really don’t see it coming out of storage any time soon, due to the fact I already have a functional gas kiln.

I have decided to sell my beast of a kiln. This car kiln is a downdraft kiln with 6 Sens-A-Flame burners, twenty 20″X 20″ Advancer Kiln Shelves, and is approximately 90 cubic feet (internal).

Here is a picture of the assembled kiln with the shelves.
Here is another image of the burners.
As I stated previously the kiln has been in storage for two years and is all boxed up. I have made sure the kiln shelves haven’t gotten wet (I’ve heard the horror stories). The kiln itself was only three years old when I bought it and the kiln shelves were two years old. In the recent years the couples work load had been decreasing due to illness. I’m asking for $6500 OBO. If you have any questions or know of someone that may be interested please let me know. The kiln is large enough for several people to go in on it and divide it amongst themselves. I have about 30 photos of the kiln from different angles, measurements, and drawings.

The kiln is located in Plainwell, MI (49080), which is between Kalamazoo, MI and Grand Rapids, MI. Kalamazoo, MI is exactly between Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI.

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