Internal Struggle

Today, before my afternoon class, I met my friend and jeweler, Meg Tang, for coffee. We were meeting to discuss a game plan for Meg’s Etsy store. I like helping others who are starting their business or taking it in a new direction. This is the first year Meg will be participating in art fairs and she is quitting her part-time job this week! I recommending meeting to discuss tips for making her Etsy store successful. Meg is a talented jeweler and we have a long standing trade that is in process.

Following discussions of this type, I often contemplate my own business. I’m not a big fan of consumerism and my dad often teases me that I’m a communist. The most difficult aspect of my business is selling my product. At times I feel that I am feeding the consumerist machine and it really makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve listened to the CD’s on how to be a better salesperson, and I feel as if they should be titled “How to Manipulate Others into Buying.”

I’ve told some friend my feelings and am told everything from “I need help (psychiatric)” to “You’re an artist, it’s different.” But it is different? I am fully aware for a capitalist society to function, consumption is necessary. Lately we have seen what that hunger can to do to our society.

It was only this January when I sat down with my dad to discuss goals for 2010 that I finally came to a solution. To soothe my inner communist, I am no longer thinking of my business as selling objections, but ideas. And although, this my seem like a rationalization to some, it has solved my long standing internal struggle. I no longer contemplate throwing in the towel due to corrupting my ideals.

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