Insure your wares

I was at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Art Fair Saturday.  My booth started out like this:

It ended up like this:

Boo! That mean wind. It’s my own fault.  I should have had my cabinet tops somehow attached to my tent. The worst part was the giant gasp from the crowd. Nothing to see here move on.  Other artists and the show director, Joe Bower, were extremely helpful. After I took photos and cleaned up, the only person to blame was me. In a situation like this you can get mad or get proactive. I prefer being proactive. I’m now in the process of redesigning my booth to withstand higher winds. I lost $660 worth of my wares, but I’m insured. I love my insurance, if nothing else, it gives me peace of mind. It’s only pottery.  I joked that a tornado hit my village and their were few survivors.  If you can’t laugh at yourself what can you laugh at?

Perhaps this video from my friend Cyndi.


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