Fun with Colors

Hi everybody, today I’m going to talk about colors and how I like to use them.

I start by taking out my test tiles of different colors and picking out some that contrast each other and some that are in the same hue. The most important thing to remember is to have fun while you are doing this. I like to pick colors that are blue (maybe light blue and dark blue) then I will use a bright red or maybe a bright orange or some other contrasting color to highlight the shades of blue that I used as my main color. I do this because I have a appreciation for vivid colors and these colors catch my eye.

If I am going to be spraying underglaze on a platter I will have my two main colors, for example, black and white. For black and white I would choose red and chartreuse for contrasting colors. For me, I would spray the red over the white and the chartreuse on the black. When overspraying the red onto the white, make sure to spray two coats so that the underglaze is thick enough and will not turn pink. Unless you like pink. The key is for the overspray colors to accentuate the main colors.

And remember to have fun!

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