Frustrated with Etsy

Things have been pretty good with my Etsy sales this year, but since the first week of March sales have tanked.  What gives? Could it be my images?  The new Google searching?  Everyone in the world is broke? I feel like there is a secret club out there that knows the answers.  I’ve been visiting all the forums looking for the elusive group, but to no avail.

I got the glaze kiln started after the thunderstorm this morning.  So I didn’t have to worry about the reduction.
Look at those thick shelves!  I really need to invest in some Advancers, especially since I broke one of these guys about a month ago.  All I can think is how many more pots could I get in the kiln with thinner shelves. Tomorrow there will be more packing and shipping, dropping off pots, and focusing on my online store and new website.  These following images are of projects I started on the blog and then final picture.
Where’s the teapot?  It looks pretty crummy.  Standard Clay changed their lowfire clay recipe (they elminated talc) and for some reason the Amaco Velvets shiver on it like mad. Boo.  
Have any of you read Dewey: The Small Town Cat That Touched the World?  Ok, I love that book.  I know it’s silly, but Buster is my Dewey.  Even if you don’t like cats, you should read Dewey. I mean come on look how cute Dewey is!  

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