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Online Shopping Cart Survey

When I was a senior in high school, Junior Achievement (they publish economics textbooks among other things) offered a scholarship. The only premise was to write an original essay that had to do with economics. I hated economics. I thought supply and demand was mean, and only enjoyed making posters for oral reports. I consulted my dad (business man) about the scholarship and my dilemma. He encouraged me to write an essay about business ethics. Brilliant! I didn’t like economics because of the emphasis on superfluous profits at any cost. I ended up writing about the lack of ethics in modern business and its detriment to society. This was in 1998; I won the scholarship.

Fast forward 14 years and all the atrocities we as a society have endured due to shoddy business ethics. Last November I went on a little rant about Etsy. As an extra small business owner I completely understand having goals to increase profits. But to what ends? There is a line we have to watch between profits and greed. In February, at the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia, I was approached by a new division of Etsy-the wholesale division. In it intrigued me, because it seemed so far away from their original intent. I’m not saying that companies don’t evolve and change, but I do question motives.

Back to last November, after my rant I didn’t just blow off steam and let it end there. I’ve been in development with a several business partners and a web developer to start a new shopping cart for artists. I firmly believe that as artists we must help each other succeed, foster artistic development, and celebrate artistic excellence. With this in mind, I am humbly asking for your help. We are at the stage in development, where we are working on a prototype and since this site is for artists, I would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve set up a simple online shopping cart survey of 10 questions that need to be addressed, please take a minute and help. Click here to take survey

online shopping cart survey

online shopping cart survey


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