Discontinued Work

Day 4 of discontinued work!
Today we have a lovely assortment of pieces.
First up is a fun sugar and creamer set on the go! It measures 6″H X 8″L X 4″W.  It was originally $80 and is now only $40.  (Shipping is $8.)

Second up is a wee vase with tulips on it that measures 6″H X 3″W and was originally $35 now $15! ($6 for shipping.)

Third we have two mugs that were originally $25 each are now $10 each. They are 3.5″H X 3″W. (Shipping is $6 each.)

Next up we have a nice medium sized bowl (3″H X 7″W) originally $35 now $15. ($8 for shipping.)

Now it’s time for a small bowl (3″H X 5″W) that was originally $25 now only $10. (Shipping $6)

This piece is still made in a modified version.  This is the original form (5″H X 3.5″W).  It was $24 now $10. (Shipping $6)

Another medium bowl (3″H X 7″W) originally $35 now $15. (Shipping $8)

And the last piece for today is a 7″ salad plate that was originally $24 now $10. (Shipping $8)

Again thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!

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  1. May Luk Ceramics August 27, 2009 at 2:13 am #

    Cute Ideas!

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