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Election 2012-from a volunteer’s perspective

It’s over. Thank God.

This is the first year I volunteered for a presidential campaign. It was fine. I was one of those annoying people that call you to ask you your voting preference. There was a script that was suppose to be read.  They suggested using your first name, but I chose to use my first and last name. I figured if I was doing this I should be able to stand up fully for my convictions. Then something remarkable happened.  Politics became civil.  What? Really! Once I made phone calls and got used to talking about candidates in a civil, unemotional way it became as natural as talking about the weather.  I wasn’t pushy, didn’t take offense, and genuinely felt grateful to people (who voted for and against my candidate) for taking the time to speak with me. Yes, people hung up on me. Yes, people listened.  It made me realize that you can talk about politics in a civil way.

I was raised in a household where voting was instilled as a civic duty, but I was also raised in a household where my parent’s votes canceled each other out. Seriously. As I came closer to voting age that really baffled me, but my dad always said “Heidi, the sun will still rise in the east and set in the west.” That’s a good point.

I watched the Republican National Convention. I watched the Democratic National Convention. I used to listen to President Bush’s presidential speeches and was appalled by the way reporters treated him. I listened to President Obama’s presidential speeches and was appalled when he was called a liar. We as a nation are so fortunate for our democracy, as flawed as it may be.

I still don’t like talking politics with mixed groups. Why? We live in a country where we think we have to express every opinion we have. Yes, we have freedom of speech, but there are consequences that come with our rights.

In closing, we still need to reform campaign finance, the electoral college, but more importantly we need to get power to the people of the east coast who still don’t have electricity after Sandy.

Good game America, good game.


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