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Twenty Thirteen

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Most people say that can’t believe another year has passed, but I can. Christmas kicks the crap out of me. After December 24th I’m done. I know so many people who love Christmas, but none of those people work in retail.

I went to Target on Saturday afternoon and stopped in the electronics department to say hi to my brother-in-law. ┬áHe was swamped and he was the only one of the floor. Between helping customers and answering the phone, he looked extremely frazzled. The Saturday after Christmas and he is the only one in the electronics department. Ridiculous. We all know Target isn’t hurting (I mean aside from their Neiman Marcus fiasco), so schedule some extra help the weekend between Christmas and New Year. Increase employee moral, seriously.

I used to have this awesome page-a-day calendar: 5 Things That Make You Happy. I had them for years and after about 7 years the writers were struggling. But I loved them. For a couple seconds a day I would smile and sometimes save the pages for me or for friends.

This year I’m going to (try) and post something that makes me smile everyday. First up: skiing in jeans. Joe and I were watching this awful 80’s ski movie the other day and it got me thinking about my youth. People use to ski in jeans all the time. Sure they got wet and cold, but who cared? You were skiing! This is to all those people who ski in jeans. Happy New Year!Retro5


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