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My Hip is Fixed and Now I’m Recovering

My Hip is Fixed and Now I’m Recovering

I’ve been planning on writing about my hip surgery and recovery, but after Monday’s bombing in Boston it just seems whiny. Sure, I’m in pain, but I still have two fully functioning legs.

If you’ve been reading this blog for while, you may know I’ve had some trouble with my hip. Here and here. I stopped blogging about it. My hip has still hurt, but you know, no one likes a complainer. Plus, I figured it would go away, but it didn’t. Part of my trouble was I didn’t have full insurance coverage, now I do.

I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon. And guess what? I had a birth defect, that was exasperated by falling. In January of 2011, I fell on some ice and tore my hip labral cartilage and ruptured my L5. I knew this, but what I found out is that normally a labral tear isn’t painful. My tear was painful because the head of my femur was oblong instead of round and kept pinching my cartilage. At first, I was pretty upset. I didn’t think I would need surgery, but then I started to mull it over. I was beginning to think my hip pain was all in my head. (Chronic pain affects your mind.) I was up to 1800 mg of Aspirin a day, to no avail. The thought of eventually being pain-free is liberating, but it will be a long road (5-6 months)

The surgery I had in March was to slightly pull my femur out of the socket, reshape the head of the femur, and anchor and fix my cartilage. So far I’m still in pain, but it’s manageable with my pain meds.

Here is the before of my femur:

photo 1 (2) copy


Here is the after:

photo 2 (2) copy


Due to the surgery, I haven’t been able to produce as much pottery as normal. That said, I will not be participating in any art fairs this summer (or probably this year), but I invite you to visit me at the studio, shop online, or visit these fine retailers.

Southwest Michigan is beautiful in the summer.bella-joy-pottery108


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