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How a Coffee Mug Handle is Made

How a Coffee Mug Handle is Made

Did you watch how a coffee mug is made? If not, go check it out! If you did, you might have said to yourself, but where is the handle? (I know some of you did because I received emails asking if I forgot a portion of the video.)

A-ha! I have a second video for you. Today, I will show you how a coffee mug handle is made. I admit this is how I make handles, but there are LOTS of other ways as well. It’s important to remember I may make this look easy but mugs are difficult to make. Mugs are the most intimate piece of pottery a ceramic artist can make. The handle has to be comfortable in your hand, the rim soft on your lips, and the weight of the piece, when full of liquid, should not be that of a dumbbell. Not only that, but mugs are typically used daily and it becomes a part of your routine. I get lots of sad emails when customers break their favorite mug.

Without further ado, I present How a Coffee Mug Handle is Made:


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