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Interview on Create and Thrive

Recently, I was interviewed by Jess Van Den for the Create and Thrive Podcast. Jess is the creator of the successful Epheriell jewelry line and started Create and Thrive to teach others how to turn their handmade hobby into a full-time business. If you are not familiar with Jess check her out, she’s amazing!

Since January of 2011, I have been dealing with a chronic pain issue that is (fingers crossed) finally improving. Jess and I talk about my chronic pain, how to keep running your business, and the emotional support one needs when going through such a difficult journey. Chronic pain is the leading cause of lost productivity in the United States and is more common than you may realize.

You can take a listen to my interview here or subscribe to Create and Thrive on iTunes, Podcast Addict, or Stitcher.

Heidi Fahrenbacher Bella Joy Pottery Triangle Trays



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