Buster the Cat

Last night was the last class for the winter semester and I get two weeks off from teaching! Our last class is always a potluck.  I have learned that when you go to a potluck take what you want to eat or drink.  I took a six-pack of Oberon from Bell’s Brewery, which means it is officially spring in SW Michigan.

With classes over I will have uninterrupted studio time! I’ve been doing a lot of work for two huge gallery orders.  I’m in the process of glazing them now.  I always forget how long glazing takes, but I’m not complaining I love glazing.

 Before I start glazing I draw all my underglaze pencil designs and then mark which areas will be which color.  This is much easier then trying to remember all the different color combinations.  You may be able to see in the photo how I label areas shino and then draw a line to the area where the shino will be applied.  I found out the hard way that if you write shino on the area you want shino with a graphite pencil, once you fire the piece you will still see the word “shino.”

Here’s Buster.  I love Buster.  He’s not very happy here, I just woke him up.  He is such a cool cat.  He’s funny big.  His head is the size of a softball and his paws are enormous!  The crazy thing is he is SO short.  I call him “lowrider.”  The poor cat has the stubbiest little legs. He is so funny though, when you walk into the room he meows at you.  If he walks into the room he meows at you.  Buster is very vocal, he is more like a dog.  Buster is like a sack of potatoes too, he loves being picked up and carried. He wags his tail too!  Just like those cat clocks.

What does Buster have to do with ceramics?  Not much, but he comes out to the studio a lot and eats the grass.  Next time I’ll ask him if he would like some salt and pepper?


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