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The Potters Cast

I was a recent guest on The Potters Cast by Paul Blais. Paul’s goal is to interview ceramic artists and find little nuggets of wisdom, experience, and inspiration. My interview is below. I talk a lot about my dad and some about pottery. My dad, Fritz, (legal name Emil) is a good guy. I am VERY fortunate to have him as my dad. That is not to say we don’t disagree. We actually bicker quite a bit from everything to politics, healthcare, and the men’s US World Cup uniforms, but we usually ending up laughing. I always tell him that someday I am going to publish a book of the emails we send back and forth. But the important thing is, he is always there to help me from working in the studio, to picking up supplies, to traveling across the country to help me at a show. I am honored to call him my dad.  I hope you enjoy it!


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