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Ann Arbor Art Center

In September, I received an order from the Ann Arbor Art Center, which was fantastic. It was so large that I had to double check with Amy, the manager of the gallery shop, to make sure it wasn’t was a  mistake! It wasn’t.

It was a labor of love. I haven’t had such a large quantity of plates ordered since the order from the Craft and Folk Art Museum in L.A. Previously, I borrowed tile setters from the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, but these plates were larger in diameter and would not fit. I had to find plate setters. Plate setters are similar to kiln shelves, but they make smaller stacks so you can fire multiple plates on one shelf. I was lucky to find a great deal on Ebay!

Then I had some crazy pin holing, which is where on the surface of a pot has tiny holes that won’t glaze. It is very frustrating.

To top it off I had a lot of weird warping.

After a lot of remade pots, the pots finally made it out of the kiln!

Heidi Fahrenbacher, Bella Joy Pottery, handmade functional pottery, Ann Arbor Art Center










Then is was time to wrap and ship. This photo shows my dad’s masterful wrapping of mugs. He is such a big help, I don’t know what I would do without him.

Heidi Fahrenbacher, Bella Joy Pottery, functional handmade pottery, Ann Arbor Art Center










Everything arrived is currently on display and ready for purchase during this busy holiday season. Amy sent me this wonderful shot of Bella Joy Pottery beautifully displayed at the Ann Arbor Art Center. If you haven’t been to the Ann Arbor Art Center I recommend it.  They have so much to offer with art classes, art exhibits, and their wonderful gallery shop. If you are looking for handmade functional pottery stop by the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Heidi Fahrenbacher, Bella Joy Pottery, Ann Arbor Art Center


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