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Bella Joy Pottery focuses on celebrating the routine, the everyday, your real life. Why save your favorite porcelain for holidays? Bella Joy Pottery is meant to be used for daily rituals-drinking coffee, eating lunch, savoring dessert. Frivolous? Not at all! Life is better when you enjoy the small things.

Bella Joy Pottery was started in 2006 and has undergone numerous transformations. The current line was established in January 2012. I develop my own original clay prototypes on a potters wheel, fabricate plaster molds to mimic my originals, and form vessels in my molds with liquid porcelain. Each piece is created, finished, and glazed by hand.  My porcelain vessels are created in Plainwell, MI, which is between Chicago and Detroit.

I am inspired by the juxtaposition between urban and rural life. With the prevalence of the farm to table movement, this symbiotic relationship is flourishing.


About Heidi Fahrenbacher

Hi! My name is Heidi Fahrenbacher and I am a ceramic artist and illustrator.

I was set on my current path at a young age. As a child, I was always drawing and painting. When we would go on family vacations we always stopped at artists’ studios, craft centers, and anywhere my mom thought there would be handmade pottery.  At the time, I just thought it was fun, but it retrospect this was where my love of handmade objects began.

At 15, I took my first ceramics class and I was hooked and I was awful. Awful. I struggled at the potters wheel for years, but liked the challenge. In college, I wanted to become a gerontologist. Before the beginning of my sophomore year my dad sat me down and advised me to do what I loved instead. (What a good guy!) I went to the registrars office and changed all my courses for the fall. Looking back, it was the correct decision.

How did I improve at ceramics? Lots of practice and an intense apprenticeship where I was timed at how fast I could throw. If my pot wasn’t completed in 5 minutes I had to destroy it.  I’m serious. You get good or you go home.

Heidi Fahrenbacher of Bella Joy Pottery


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