500 Vases

A couple of weeks ago I remembered I had submitted some images for Lark Books 500 Vases.  I hadn’t heard anything and Googled 500 Vases. 

When the book came up I figured, well I didn’t get in.  At this stage of the game I can handle rejection.  I remember that I used to cry, but now I use it to add fuel to the fire.  Rejection now fuels my desire to do better next time.

Days after my pep talk to myself, I received a letter from Lark Books, one of my vases was accepted! Happy dance and hugs and kisses for Joe. 500 Vases is due out this fall.  Thank you family and friends for your support and patience.

Which vase will be in 500 Vases? I’ll give you a clue.  If you follow me on Twitter you are very familiar with the vase. 

On a side note President Obama will be giving the commencement speech at Kalamazoo Central High School this June!  Way to go Giants!

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